November 13, 2008

Healing Your Soul Deep in the Heart of Texas

This trip back to Houston has healed my soul in so many ways. I had mixed feelings about heading back to the city that I thought would bring up sad feelings about me and Stephen and our failed marriage. Instead I found friends and serenity.

Highlights of my visit...

- Staying with Sara Kellner at her tree house apartment for 6 days and. Experiencing the serenity of her lifestyle.
- Reconnecting with Roberta Levy after 30 years and being blown away by her achievements.
- Every minute of the National Arts Marketing Project Conference
- Catching up with Jenny P over dinner at Niko Nikos and having her offer to join me to go visit my stuff in storage.
- Connecting with the folks who run or are considering starting Business Volunteers for the Arts in Houston, Portland, Miami, LA, and Phoenix. They've all inspired me to keep moving forward on the feasibility study.
- Facilitating the Release Your Inner Blogger roundtable discussions and making a new friend, Clay, who works at Theatre Bay Area in San Francisco.
- Adventuring with Jenny P. to locate and visit the three containers of stuff Stephen and I have in storage. After three years of dreading the visit it turned out to be a healing experience.
- Visiting the new Aurora Picture Show now located across from the Menil Collection in the heart of Montrose. Reconnecting with Andrea Grover, seeing how beautiful and relaxed she looks and bringing closure to feeling like I let her down when I left the Assistant Director job.
- Dining with Bob and Lillian Warren, catching up on all their adventures and viewing Lillian's new video work. How wonderful to be trusted by an artist to share their latest ideas.
- Seeing the new and improved Houston Center for Photography with its digital darkroom and fantastic library.

Leaving is bittersweet. There are a few more folks I would have loved to have seen but ran out of time. What was so surprising was how happy I felt here and that I could pick up and start living in Houston again with hardly a second thought.

The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.
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