September 8, 2008

Meant to be Together

In the Oakland Hills yesterday, I attended the most unexpected event - a picnic for Jewish folks living I San Francisco's East Bay. What surprised me was that I attended and actually had a fun time. It has been decades since I attended an event that was mostly Jews and most likely on those previous occasions it was at the bidding of my parents. This one I attended with my cousin Ben.

I met some fascinating folks. Never have I been in a group of people where the majority had PhDs and MBAs. Not only were they book smart but also heart smart. I had numerous "deep" conversations about life, love, core values and careers that advance tour personal missions.

one guy, David, chatted with me about recovering from a broken heart. I was saying that I am letting my heart recover from my breakup and using this time to gain firm footing and not be in a relationship with anyone other than myself. He referred to an article he recently read that said human nature is for us to be in a relationship - to find our wholeness with a partner. That hit me in the heart. For the past few years I have been grappling with my need to be partnered and punishing myself for feeling un-whole. but I do believe that one of my core values is to be with a partner who believes we are meant to be together creating a stronger whole.

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