March 3, 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Yes, we went to see yet another film. This time The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and it was a very special screening. Tricycle Cinema, a venue we just discovered tonight, presented a screening of the film followed by a Q&A with its screenwriter Ronald Harwood. This is a really strange coincidence - Ronald Harwood wrote the screen play to Polanski's Oliver Twist that I mentioned in last week's post. How is that for small world.

The film was superb. Beautifully shot, paced, directed and also written. I found it profoundly uplifting while I'm sure others could find it quite upsetting. Something about the methodicalness of reciting the alphabet like poetry that made it feel so peaceful.

Harwood explained his creative process and it was interesting to hear what he pulled from the original book and what he actually created himself. Plus, what he cut from the book. Afterall this is really an autobiography. It was also interesting to hear from Harwood what the Director added. Makes you appreciate collaboration and how there is no such thing as an objective film.

We also loved finding the Tricycle Cinema. It is a gem of a venue - presenting both film and theatre - near the Kilburn Tube Station. It appears to be a well run venue and a viable business while staying edgy and interesting. We both agreed that it is the kind of organization we would be likely to support.