March 6, 2008

A Date with the Kitchen

Our Marriott has a really cool feature - a TV channel in your room that shows action in the hotel's recently-opened restaurant Peppers. The camera moves between the "show" kitchen located out on restaurant floor and the pastry kitchen behind the scenes.

Last night we visited the restaurant for tea and dessert and mom, being her social self, asked the manager if we could go into the kitchen because we had seen the pastry chef making something yummy on TV. Viktor didn't think twice - he gave us a spontaneous tour of the entire kitchen. There are kitchens for the restaurant, banquets, making chocolate, preparing meats, prepping vegetables, and assembling room service orders. All were very clean and the staff very friendly, as with everyone we've met here in Budapest.

At the end my mom wanted to write a recommendation for the manager so she asked him for his card. He had just given us roses from the room service kitchen and probably thought she was looking for a hot date, so, he also made sure to write his mobile phone number on the card. We're really going to have to watch mom tonight and make sure she gets back to the room at a decent hour.