September 1, 2006

Drama on the Tennis Court

Yesterday I attended the US Open and was instantly pulled into the action in center court. Tennis isn’t my sport of choice (yes, I prefer gymnastics and ice skating) but I was surprised by how exciting the game is when seen live.

We had the privilege of sitting center court in box seats. What a view! You could hear and see the action including every grunt. I was reminded of how front row seats to the ballet are coveted by a certain set for the thrill of being sweated on, hearing the jumps, lands and grunts. Tennis amplifies all those enticements, if you’re into that kind of thing.

When we returned home I tuned into Agassi playing his thrilling nearly four-hour match. I understand why fans are willing to pay upwards of several hundred dollars for a seat. The drama is intense. You don’t know the storyline and who can tell who will be the protagonist or antagonist? The crowd reacted to every facial expression, dramatic stance and painful dance as the two men dueled in front of 23,000 audience members.

So good to know that 36 is not so old after all.