September 30, 2006

Houston So Real at the Flat

My friend Melissa - a former associate form Aurora Picture Show and her husband Matt, the blogger behind Houston So Real, visited us on Thursday. They were in London for a Hip Hop gig Matt had in Notting Hill and then headed off to a wedding in the Scottish Highlands.

Seeing Melissa and hearing her "you'alls" was so great. Felt like I never left Houston. We had a super time finding all the important tourist spots. She actually said I'm a great tour guide which is funny since we some how accidentally managed to get to Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The London Eyes, River Thames, and Trafalgar Square. Heck I'll take the credit. She even got me over my fear of crossing the street - just go for it (and secretly pray).

At 10pm the evening began (my normal bed time) as we joined them at the Hip Hop dance club. Melissa cradled her beer while Stephen and I just stared at the action. Frankly it was pretty mellow but we felt cool being on the guest list. We headed home at midnight while they partied until 2 in the morning. Not sure when they arrived back at our place or even when they left the flat to catch the 7:30am Edinburgh flight.

A cool thing about our flat is that we've setup a telephone line through vonage that is a Houston number. Melissa and Matt initiated the phone by calling their kids deep in the Heart of Texas. Feels like we have a Bat Phone. A little US outpost in our living room.

These are the first photos from my cool new UK mobile phone. More to come!

Matt and Stephen drinking beer, watching TV and chatting before the gig.

Photo of Melissa taking a photo of something interesting.