April 3, 2009

Plug and Play

My first blog post from my new iMac which I've named "April". Plug and play to the extreme. I plugged this beautiful baby in and it sang to me. What a welcome! First the happy mac welcome sound, which I didn't even know I missed until it played, then a welcome show with music. Sing to me. 

Photos soon...

The experience of walking into the confusing Apple store nearly turned me off from buying April but I kept my cool and found a "Specialist" named Zac to help me figure out which Mac to purchase. He was very patient and followed me around, both the store and my thoughts, as I tried to figure out which system to purchase. April has a GIANT 20 inch monitor. Zac was enticing me with the 24 inch one but this was already over-kill. 

Buying a Mac feels totally self indulgent, and you know what, I'm ready for a little self indulgence. Today I filed my divorce paperwork and to celebrate I'm nurturing my inner-creative by purchasing a creative computer. 

I use to be a Mac person. For college graduation my parents bought me a Classic. The screen was so small I had to scroll back and forth to see a full sentence. It was best used for Tetris. Then my first job in California introduced me to the big design type systems, perfect since I was working at CopyMat in Salinas the Design Center Manager. That was ions ago. 

I had a big old Mac for a long time until I sold it at a yard sale in Oakland. I think the year was 2000. Actually, not that long ago. But the nine years between then and now were when the Mac got fancy. Selling my Mac I instantly felt out of the cool-Mac loop. As the years passed the gap widened. 

In Houston my job with Aurora Picture Show was in a full Mac environment and by that point I was full PC. I instantly took a disliking to that clever Mac sitting on my work desk with all its fancy gadgets and whoo haa. But you know what? I think I was a bit jealous of all the creative stuff I didn't know how to use. 

Here's my chance to get jiggy with it. Where are all the wires and the clunky CPU? Gone! Now to figure out how to download images and why is that globe bouncing at the bottom of my screen?

The nicest feature is that I can partition the hard drive so that it can be a Mac and a PC. The best of both worlds.