August 11, 2005

Is it Really OK to Dress Dogs in Spandex?

While taking an ice cream break in Oakland along Grand Avenue tonight with my friend Rachel we witnessed one of the most disturbing sights I have ever seen in dog wear. A woman was trotting her pitbull type dog around in a full aqua spandex bodysuit. It covered the dog’s body from neck to tail with a space for its rear end to stick out. Rachel, always the animal lover, noted that it was neutered.

We stared at the woman and the dog, unashamedly, chins hanging down as she pranced past us on the sidewalk. Why in the world would anyone ever do this to their animal? Maybe if the bodysuit wasn’t 1970’s aqua it could have been almost OK.

Searching the web I found this article, Effects of a whole-body spandex garment on rectal temperature and oxygen consumption in healthy dogs. on the Pub Med Website. Folks, this dog was a fashion victim and he was probably sweating to death. A cat would never allow this to happen.

Photo is from the web - the dog we saw was wearing a disco-style slim fitting version.