March 20, 2020

Sheltering at Home - Days 3 & 4 - Oakland, CA

What can I say, Day 3 was difficult. I lost momentum. In reflection I think it was that I didn't have any meetings set and I got lost in jumping between emails and to-do lists. Mid-day I gave up, took a bath, a nap and a walk. Then I asked a client for an extension. That was humbling. I pride myself on getting my work done - and at a high level of quality.

Here's Dhalia cat practicing safe social distancing.
The day turned around with the facilitation of my Golden Gate University class. These students inspire me and their engagement rekindled my motivation.

Day 4, today, was a roller coaster. I went from calm to anxiousness, to letting-go, then ennui, followed by motivation, and then energy! Yes, all of that in 10 hours.

What I notice is that people who are anxious on zoom really stand out in calls. Their frenetic, kinetic, energy dominates. I'm learning to sit back and listen, but not absorb. Also learning to get use to my wrinkles. They are very noticeable in the zoom image. Gives me some feedback as my face gets more tired and stressed in calls and as the day moves along.

Went for a walk after "work" and am noticing that aches and pains I've had for years are disappearing. Is it the lack of commute? Internal focus? Bike riding? Even though my work is nearly overwhelming each day, I feel a sense of calm, purpose and clarity that indicates I'm on the right track with my life.

Tomorrow I teach my first online yoga class via zoom. Thank you zoom, you are the hero in this story.