September 9, 2015

Being A Spaz and Owning It

I received some feedback that a student described me as being a "spaz" sometimes in the classroom. It wasn't meant as a kind label. In receiving the information I initially felt hurt. The wind was taken out of my sail and it was like my cover was blown. This is because I have often felt like a spaz - being different and not fitting in with the norm. In high school I was bullied by popular girls who saw me as an easy target because I was a "spaz".

But as I reflected on the label, I realized that I am proud of this difference and not fitting the norm of being polished, poised and passive. My passion for the subjects I teach, the energy I use to share my lessons and the sense of urgency I feel is authentic and passionate. If that comes across as being spastic, good. There is nothing worse, in my experience, then squelching your vivacity.