December 24, 2012


Yesterday I attended a Vinyasa hot flow class at Dancing Mind Yoga in Falls Church. The instructor started the class by emphatically asking is to dedicate our practice to someone who needs love and connection, but who can can not reach for some reason. During Vryksasana,
Tree Pose, near the end of the class, she had us look at someone in the room to whom we were attracted for any reason. I looked at the woman across from me and found that it was very uncomfortable to make eye contact, so intensely with a complete stranger, especially while balancing on one foot. As we were in the pose I noticed that she and I were becoming more in synch as I lifted my arms, so did she. As I lowered them into prayer position, she did as well.

The Vinyasa unexpectedly penetrated my dreams. I thought about someone who use had been in my life and who had hurt me deeply, but in my dream I actually felt love and compassion for them. I awakened in the morning with a warm heart filled with forgiveness through the connection I regained with this person in my dreams. What had been categorized as evil actions in my memory, were now behaviors that I saw as weaknesses that I did not have to accept, just notice.

I know that I will never let anyone define me by their actions and behaviors. We are independent, even if we are interdependent.