November 23, 2012

Taught My First Yoga Class

Today I taught my first yoga class. Tesy rented a studio for us at the Iyengar yoga center in Mexico City and I gave her, Eduardo, Dalia and Susan a private class. Three of us are in teacher training programs - in Chicago, Berkeley and Mexico City and one is already a practicing teacher here in Mexico City.

The class was 90 minutes and it was based on all my learnings from Mary Lou Weprin at the Yoga Room in Berkeley. I was amazed at how I could make the class flow. The focus was on Tadasana, foundations and equal and opposite extension. The participants said I did a good job, that I have a calming voice and gave clear directions.

This trip to Mexico City is turning into a culinary and yoga adventure. I would love to come here for a three month sabbatical.

Here I am in a restorative pose after teaching. I felt quite calm and relaxed.