April 2, 2011

Fairwell Chandigarh

I'm sitting in the Chandigarh airport waiting for my flight to Delhi and then on to San Francisco by way of Hong Kong. Today is the Cricket World Cup Final - India vs. Sri Lanka and all eyes are on the TV. If only I could read and understand Hindi because there is breaking news. The match starts in 10 minutes and will probably last 10 hours.

My visit here was wonderful. How special to spend so much time with my sister, her baby and her Indian family. Although Marlene, Mandeep and Chetana head back to DC on Monday it is like we're racing around the world, in opposite directions to get back to the States.

When you visit a place and stay with family, after a few days it feels like you live there and that this is your everyday life. the room I stayed in quickly became "my room". I wonder what it will be like to return to my apartment in Oakland? Well, this morning I found a huge cockroach on the floor so that made it seem much more familiar - like living in Houston.