December 12, 2008

Home Office

In the past 24 hours I have become totally inspired to settle into my house. Stacey, Stefan and the boys live on the main floor and I have the upstairs. I've been slowly taking over this room and today I made it official by moving out their storage boxes. Instantly doubled my living space and now have a fantastic room in which to do my consulting and soon my school work.

After beeing a "squater" of sorts for six months I am finally committing to making this my home. Must be school that is helping me feel settled.

My plan is to spend most of my time in Alameda and only go into San Francisco when I have client meetings. That should be about twice a week. Alameda is so beautiful. We're two blocks from the beach and on from Trader Joe's. But the best feature of the house are the giant redwoods out back. Photo to be posted in a moment.