August 19, 2015

What Does it Mean to be Earthy

When I was in college being earthy meant you smelled like earth- a combination of sweat, garlic and patchouli. I suppose that the bike messenger I am sitting next to right now on BART fits that definition of earthy.

But now when I think of someone as being earthy, I associate them with being grounded. This is someone who is "low in their body" both in terms of their energy source energy, breath and even their center of balance. An earthy person has a lower voice resonating from their respiratory diaphragm. Perhaps they would even describe themselves as being intrinsically motivated.

As soon as I articulated this "earthy", I found my shoulders dropping away from my ears, my body moving more smoothly and my mental intelligence coming from my physical intuition body center instead of my brain and eyes. The focus on me being in a place here and now - feet firmly planted on the Earth. Suddenly my fear of heights seemed to make sense.

I like this more grounded place and am going to continue exploring how to dwell here.