June 7, 2005

Houston Here We Are

After much driving about I have found an internet cafe Krafts'men Baking on Montrose. People are friendly, food is good, and humidity is high.

Craigslist is a great resource for housing. Through a rental listing we made contact with a realtor who has fast become my driving advisor. Robert gave me a call while I was on the road searching for any sign of internet access and he briefed me on the do's and don'ts of driving in Houston. "Because of the short stop lights, construction and heat people's fuses are short so watch out. They don't signal until they are half way in your lane and they jump through red lights. And, pedestrians do not have right of way." Important info.

Good news on the rental front. You can actually negotiate your rent and possibly rent-to-own. Unheard of in San Francisco. Robert tells me that buyers and sellers are on equal footing (unlike the guy on crutches who just sat down next to me - note sandals - may be cause of crutches. Another person here on crutches. Casualties of trying to street-cross?) Tomorrow we venture out with Robert to see some properties.