May 28, 2013

Aligning your Actions With Your Values

I am nearly three weeks behind in the news, just now learning that one of my favorite shows of the season, Smash, has been cancelled. Last night I watched the final episode and it did seem a little too conclusive with nearly every story arch being resolved. Perhaps that is what makes me more disappointed as this rarely happens in real life and I very much enjoyed the fantasy. the final hour was about people pursuing their talents, reflecting on their choices, facing the consequences of their actions, and finding personal and professional resolution, as well as love.

Earlier in the day I read my students' papers in which they reflected on lessons learned about themselves from a challenging team project. Their observations and conclusions were extremely open and honest as they used Myers-Briggs, Goleman and Drucker as their points of reference. While reading their papers I frequently stopped and reflected on their ideas and in the process learned more about myself.

Additionally, I practiced restorative yoga in the evening with Nancy Leigh-Smith. This was yet another opportunity to reflect and then release. These "activities" made Memorial Day an opportunity for introspection. The stage was set on Thursday when I articulated the intention of deriving self-worth internally and not externally for the next 5 days. This is why Smash resonated with me so strongly - the characters changed their focus from needing the accolades of the Tony Awards to exploring their personal values and realigning their actions in order to be better individuals, lovers and community members.