March 2, 2012

Customer Service Highs and Lows

Today I had two very different customer service experiences when I asked for a "correction" on a product and a service. The first was when I went back to my hairstylist and asked for a modification on my haircut. Building up to the ask I was nervous about her reaction. There was no need to worry. Carol improved my haircut no fuss and no charge.

Then I went out for some decaf chai at a tea shop. The beverage they served me was so sweet I could not even drink it. When I asked for a less sweet chai the employee tasted my beverage and said it was not sweet at all. He scowled at me and said, "you will have to have one without sweetener. We only put 3 tablespoon of liquid sugar in your drink." He was not interested in working with me to make a tasty beverage. Instead, he handed me an unsweeetened one which tasted too bitter, and walked away. I'm too nice because I found myself apologizing. I'll no be returning to that place.