February 17, 2012

Strange Time in my Life

Committing to a property and making a decisive move to be on my is a big step. Certainly, going through divorces is a decisive action but actually investing in my independent future, for the long term, is a very different step.

As I look around my apartment and begin to pack my possessions I realize that I've been on my own for almost four years. These have been fast and slow years with learning at every step. I've made some excellent choices and some that have been learning lessons. I've made new friends and let some friendships go.

For the first time I feel like I am really on my own. Every day, when I think of folks who have given me, or who are giving me inspiration and support, I send them kisses. I literally kiss the air in the direction in which they live and imagine the kiss reaching them, near or far. I value these moments of love, long or short, that each of these people have shared with me. It is because of this evolving web of support that I am confident in my choices.