August 8, 2011


As you can guess from following my adventures, I have a wanderlust which kicks in about every two years. This desire to travel, and sometimes relocate, doesn't have to take me across the world, although it certainly has. It can take me to a new apartment across a city. That two year mark is coming up for  in September - twenty four months into living at this current apartment.

But, as I look around my place, I am realizing that everything fits so beautifully. Every nook and cranny is filled with my favorite things. And it doesn't feel too crowded or too empty. Somehow I've also managed on occasion to sleep four people in my little one bedroom apartment and it feels snug but not too overcrowded. Honestly, I can't figure out a better location to live than the one I occupy here in the Bay Area.

The realization that everything around me is sustained, 100%, because of my own doing, kind of blows my mind. I'm completely independent (although sometimes getting a little bridge loan from my parents, quickly repaid) and take care of myself. That's quite an achievement for a woman of 42 living in an expensive metropolitan area. I'm loving every minute of this adventure.