February 8, 2010

Remembering Rosie

I'm at my childhood synagogue helping my mom with Bingo. For the first time in at least a decade I'm inside the sanctuary. A father and son were rehearsing for a Bar Mitzvah when I entered and warmly welcomed me in. They asked if they could show me around and I said I grew up here. Both got very excited and we further connected by realizing we all went to the same school - although our ages are quite different. So amusing that we instantly offered them up 48, 40 and 13.

I said that the sanctuary looks almost exactly the same, with the exception of a new addition, this beautiful textile mural. It is dedicated to Rosie, the legendary man who maintained the synagogue for years and years. He was the voice of the building and knew each of us kids like we were his own and he often had to get us under control as we ran through the building making a menace, destroying peace and property in our path.

It was emotional being back as it made me think of my grandfather who spent so much time here and it was where we said goodbye to him when he passed away this summer.

It is so funny how easily I feel like a kid again in this building. Everyone is familiar, they all know me and my family and we're part of an extended village. We have a deep connection through our shared experiences and here they are now with their children, the next generation. I feel quite ageless as I live my life of adventure and they continue along their Stamford paths.
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