January 30, 2010

On a Mission

Amazing how much freedom I now feel with four wheels! Suddenly the whole State of California is open to me again. After watching the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy season 2 I have the travel bug. The show takes place in NorCal (Northern California) and much of the beautiful, varied landscape is featured in the scenes. Well, I don't ride a motorcycle but I do have the freedom to drive to these breath-taking vistas.

A travel photography idea I've had for at least fifteen years has been to travel to the California Missions. There are 21 in total and each is unique. This year, my photography goal is to travel to all 21 of the missions and document my journeys both in words in images.

My fantastic Career Development students are further inspiring me to pursue my photography dream. This semester I have three guys in the film/photography major and seeing their work has encouraged me to do more of my own. The class is spectacular - everyone is a unique character and each is living their artistic dreams. Now that this is the Year of Living Your Dreams I am going to do the same.

Stay tuned for my adventures over the next 12 months. I may even begin with the San Francisco Mission, one I have never visited. My favorite is Mission Nuesetro Senora de la Soledad. Certainly each will provide me with surprises. 

This map is from the California Missions website.