January 19, 2010

Four Wheels Keep on Turning

Amazing news! I'm just days away from getting a car. Sorry Andy, but it won't be a Honda - however the vehicle is a good deal. Just waiting to get it checked out and make sure all is healthy. I've already named it Freddy as my last car was George.

Having my cousin Ben's car has been a reminder of how much time I save with having four wheels. Yesterday I was able to drive into San Francisco in the pouring rain and save an hour of BART commuting and then I drove to a meeting across the city. The cost savings of driving vs BARTing aren't that much different either. Using City Car Share is the most expensive option of all.

I'll be honest, I'm worried about the lifestyle change. Walking and bike riding keep me in super shape. So, the challenge will be making sure I still walk and ride as much as possible and don't become a car potato.