September 8, 2009

Getting Comfortable

I've turned a corner and am much more comfortable in my place and on my own. Nearly everything has found a home within my home, except for 12 boxes I am taking to charity tomorrow. You can't even imagine how many computer cables I have from so many previous technology iterations. Same with music CDs. Now I'm all about downsizing.

ATT has been a challenge in terms of setting up my DSL. Their outsourced tech support is atrocious. However, their local repair service is extraordinary. They had a guy to my house within two hours of my call. He fixed up the DSL line which had a problem at their box. Some things you just can't solve from overseas.

This new apartment is so quiet. Yes, I'm in a busy neighborhood but it is a lovely mix of urban and nature. Today there were two blue jays frolicking in the trees outside my window and then a curious squirrel watching me from the roof. Very peaceful.