July 9, 2009

New Yoga Home

My yoga teacher, Nancy Leigh-Smith, has opened a new yoga studio in Castro Valley called Yoga in the Middle. Today I made the 45 minute journey out by bike and BART. Castro Valley isn't really a destination and as I searched for the studio, housed within a souless strip mall, I had this horrible feeling of being somewhere not vey zen. But then I thought, well, you have to change an area one step at a time and that's what Nancy's doing.

Having locked up Ike the Bike I still wasn't exactly sure of the studio location but then I saw a familiar face fr our Alameda class. Mike! Instantly I was at home. Nancy gave me a big hug and Mike chatted with me, something we never did in the year that I've been practicing Saturday morning yoga with him. It was clear that he was happy that I made the journey out. I was welcomed with open arms and open hearts.