June 10, 2009

Two Wheels or Four?

Perhaps I should promote myself as the "consultant on wheels" since I now show up to nearly every client meeting with bike helmet in hand and Ike the Bike at my side. This works in San Francisco. People are totally fine with me parking my bike in their offices. Sure, I sometimes show up a bit less beautiful in the hair department but always have a lovely glow in my cheeks.

I keep flirting with the idea of buying or leasing a car. As an independent consultant I believe I can write off at least a portion of my rental lease. Each time I mention going four-wheels to family and friends they say "don't do it". Interesting, they all have cars. But then they remind me that there are so many hidden costs: payments, insurance, repairs, and gas.

My concern is that I am using City Car Share more often each month and the money I'm putting into that company be paying for a lease and providing me with four wheels 24/7. Then again, I nearly always use City Car Share for business and that in itself is write-off.

Cost-benefit-analysis in process.