June 28, 2009

Four Wheeling... soon?

Now that I'm committed to staying in the Bay Area I'm starting to crave four wheels. I think that because work was my focus, two wheeling was fine because I would go into San Francisco for meetings and then back home. Now that I'm invested in staying here my life is expanding out past this back and forth commute.

Earlier this week I used City Car Share twice and unfortunately the second time my special key wouldn't work when I was leaving the Marin Headlands. This meant I was stranded for a few hours and ended up getting home at 10:30pm. The lock didn't work because of the keys getting run-over last week when I dropped them. This experience in combination with the bike fall on Monday are pointing me towards getting a car. Also, showing up at meetings all sweaty and bike-greasy.

I'm thinking a used Miata - cute an sporty! Probably some good deals out there.