June 4, 2009

Buy Products

While getting my hair highlighted and cut yesterday by Kathy at iSalon in Alameda I had reflected on the fact that I use a whole lot of "beauty" products every day. As Kathy put more dye in my hair than I've ever had before I realized that this was a turning point for my use of products - full immersion. Later she told me that she changed my base color to Ashe. Oh my.

It is 9am on a Thursday and so far today I've used 20 beauty and personal hygiene products:

Face wash (Burt's Bees)
Shaving cream
Vitamin E
Hair syrum
Hair goo
Hair spray
Face moisturizer (Burt's Bees)
Facial suntan lotion
Eye shadow
Eye liner
Eyebrow pencil
Suntan lotion

I highlighted the Burt's Bees products because perhaps they are more healthy than the other stuff I'm massaging into my skin.

On top of this I use a hairdryer and straightening irons. When Rene and I went down to LA last month I brought a very heavy backpack that was not weighed down with clothes but with a hairdryer and irons. It felt girly, which I like, but also way over the top hair-focused. Lately I've let my hair go curly for a day or two and it is starting to again become familiar and comfortable. That immediately eliminates two beauty machines and four products.