February 24, 2008


I've always wanted to see U2 in concert but haven't had the chance. No worries - there's a new film out of a U2 concert in Buenos Aires shot in 3D. Plunk on those glasses and whamo you're in the arena and sitting in every best-possible seat.

The concert was so good that at times I found myself applauding. Of course I was also singing along. Thankfully the other audience members, all two of them, weren't bothered by my singing.

Their message of peace was prominent throughout the concert. As was there theme of love. Bono seems like an affectionate person with all his touching and kissing - of the fellow band members. You could see them light up with joy when he put his hand on their shoulder or put his back to theirs. Really inspirational.
Here are photos from the concert taken with my mobile. As I said, it was like being there. If you have 3D glasses you may be able to make the images work.