February 5, 2008

Post #601

Amazing but true, this is post #601 of The Kweskin Report. What a fantastic coincidence that today is a monumental day in American politics with the looming Democratic Primary. With Obama and Clinton in the running and my ability to vote as a Democrat here in the UK I decided to leave behind my No Party Affiliation status and go for the vote.

Obama is my man. He speaks to me. He speaks of change. He gives me hope.

At a rally in California yesterday four powerful women stood together to bring Obama's message of change - California's first lady Maria Shriver, Daughter of President JFK Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama partner to Barack and Oprah Winfrey. In the February 4 New York Times Editorial Observer Michelle, Maria, Caroline and Oprah on the Hustings in California Andrew Rosenthal wrote,

Ms. Winfrey — finally — spoke to the most emotionally fraught aspect of this contest. “Now look at this campaign: the two front-runners are a black man and a woman,” she said. “What that says to me is we have won the struggle and we have the right to compete.”

Instead of seeing a painful choice, voters, Ms. Winfrey urged, should see a moment when they “are free from the constraints of gender and race.”

That is a truely inspirational reason to celebrate posting #601.