February 12, 2008

Bratislava the next big holiday destination

Bratislava - that's the capital of Slovakia. Why am I telling you this? Because my folks and I are going to visit there in March for my birthday (and my Dad's too). Yes, it is an unexpected destination and I'll tell you how we settled on it.

Our holiday starts in Budapest, Hungary and we were thinking of going to Krakow, Poland for a few days to close out the trip. Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out an affordable and speedy means of transportation between the two cities.

Thanks to Google Maps set on the satellite feature I was able to pull up Budapest and then take a virtual trip up the Danube River. From the bird's eye view I could see that there was a big city north west of Budapest and turns out it was Bratislava at just 200 kilometers away. It may be possible for us to take a hydrofoil on the Danube between the two cities if the weather is good.

After Bratislava I'm heading out on my own to Vienna since it is only 60 kilometers. That takes me to three capitals in three countries I've not yet visited. Actually, I've only been to Spain and France so there are many places on my list to visit. Honestly, Slovakia wasn't on there. That's what I'm liking most about this adventure.