June 4, 2007

Back in London

It is good to be back in London even if my luggage is still in Philadelphia. The Philly airport was a mess with bad weather. Our jumbo jet was empty which was fantastic for me as I slept across three seats. Plus, got to watch Music and Lyrics with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. It was very sweet.

I welcome the sanity and, surprisingly, the prices back here in London. My last meals in the US, in the Vegas airport, cost me a fortune. A $7.31 yogurt with fruit and granola, $10.00 chicken salad (for the flight since there was no meal service), $3.00 bottle of water (that security confiscated and chucked in trash, unopened - in the desert no less) and $4.59 Odwalla. US airports are really taking you for a ride.

Walked into a Marks and Spencer at London Gatwick and there were countless healthy, fresh and affordable choices. Purchased a lovely egg salad sandwich on whole meal bread and a fruit smoothy - total - 2 pounds and 50 pence.