May 2, 2007

Spring and Fold

So you've heard that London is grey, foggy, wet? I am witnessing otherwise. Global warming or urban legend we're not sure but why second guess great weather?

As I was taking this photo of the community garden outside our flat I was lucky enough to see a woman on her folding bike. This is huge in London - the folding bike craze. I've been scoping out options which range from 150-600 ($300-$1200). The most popular being the Brompton Folding Bike which springs into fold position as soon as its lifted. What happens when you hit a bump, I keep wondering.

If I get a folding bike it will fit in our flat and I can carry it upstairs to my office at work. Riding to work would be 80% along canals which is beautiful. I tried walking to work - took two hours. Monday I tried a different route from work to home and it again took me two hours. The time isn't of concern because I love walking but arriving at work tired before you start is not an easy way to start the day.

Our Head of Finance at work was telling me that the government allows employers a tax break if they provide breakfast to their employees who ride bikes to work. I can just imagine my eating frenzy - Eggs Benedict, Pancakes, French Toast (all in caps because they are so yummy) resulting in a sugar crash. Now that does sound appealing.

Illustration from Brompton Bikes website.