January 10, 2007

Public Eyes Watching You

Walking past the Paddington Library today I noticed this man sitting in the window reading a magazine. I laughed out loud when I realised he was reading a "girly" magazine. Hopefully small children or someone like his wife, mother-in-law or priest didn't walk past and notice. Actually, he is well disguised in that hat. I'm sure he was reading the articles and not looking at the photos.

I can just imagine that he went out, purchased this magazine while well disguised in his snow-flake hat and casually walked over to the library. He then sat down, took out the magazine and started reading. Or, it is a rather liberal library perhaps they have a pornography section.

How about the two red banners that say CRIME in front of him. Nice placement.

[Note: I am not faking the British spelling tendencies. They've actually become part of my vocabulary. In the blog I tend to move between English and British English, which is of course the Queen's English. I suppose I am writing in Bringlish.]