January 24, 2007

Prunes Are Heavy Hitters

Note to self: Don’t eat prunes prior to a Board meeting.

So I have this issue about eating before I step out the door. You never know when you’ll have or won’t have your next meal. That’s what I always think. So, I eat something, hungry or not. The same seems to be true for late night meetings. Okay, not that late but after work hours. Today I was invited to attend my first board meeting at work. It started at 6pm and usually I’m home at that time eating something – you know – to break the anxiety of going home on the tube and not having dinner ready. Well, the only thing I had in my desk was a package of prunes. I ate three.

During the Board meeting my stomach let out a small growl. I’m sure only the people on either side of me heard it. I stared at the plate of beige cookies on the table and thought, “don’t eat those, they make you sick.” I held out. But my stomach rebelled. Suddenly it let out a huge internal farting growl sound. The man next to me was speaking but I interrupted him with “oh my god!” as I covered my stomach with my hands and bent over. How un-British of me. I immediately reached for one of those horrible cookies and ate it as fast as I could. It had no flavor and barely any texture but it was a distraction from my stomach or for my stomach. There must be Murphy's Law for prunes because they never seem to work when you need them and then they are heavy hitters when you don't.