January 25, 2007


For the past two weeks I’ve been trying to coordinate with a package delivery service that had a mystery item for me from the States. Today, after much coordinating, the package and I have made contact. To my surprise it was a care package, much like the ones I hoped for when I was in sleep-away-camp, from my friends Dee-Dee and Owain in Maine. The box was filled with all kinds of New England goodies.

At first I was frustrated that Dee-Dee had paid for this box to get to me in a timely fashion. We’re not sure who’s time it was fashioned after but it was supposed to get to me. But then I rejoiced in the box’s adventures across the Atlantic. Did it come by sea or air? In the spirit of London’s customer service this package has spent many a day in various trucks taking it to Notting Hill and then at the post office outlet nestled in a variety store across from Kings Cross train station on Caledonia Road. People put away life savings for these kinds of holidays.

Here is a photo of my desk at work with the bag of kettle corn popcorn above my bookcase, the white chocolate lobster hanging on the wall and a photo of Dee-Dee and Owain’s dog Owen hanging on the cube wall. I actually don’t work in a cube it just looks that way. Well, now my cube-like-but-not-a-cube workspace is all cheered up with bits of my New England.