October 19, 2006

Mama Madonna

The Madonna adoption controversy is in full swing here in London where people seem to have a outward love inward hate relationship with the pop idol. At first I was upset with the baby adoption thinking that it was just another publicity stunt. The photos of her with the African children all looked like she was checking their ears for bugs. She seemed to be above the law and procedures that other families have to wade through for years just to hope for an adoption.

But then I read an article on CNN that reported how these children will likely never be adopted and will probably die orphans with AIDS. Once again Madonna has brought attention to an issue that others try to sweep under the carpet. Yes, she’s in your face but after 20+ years in the limelight would we expect anything less from this woman who keeps redefining feminism?

Madonna has posted an open letter on her website which I believe is an authentic statement about her intentions. Clearly she and her husband have given the adoption much consideration and already feel that baby David is a member of their family. If her adoption can be the catalyst for saving other children I applaud her actions.