August 7, 2006

Back to New England and Queen Tika

After a taste of London I'm back in Connecticut for two weeks. Finishing up the Americans for the Arts research fellowship report and then photographing the Maccabi sports games hosted in my home town of Stamford.

Missing the hustle and bustle of London. Stephen and I agree that London is like a garden and every person and even every business has to be bigger and more outrageous to get attention - every lovely and fragrant flower outdone by the next. New England seems so green and quiet in comparison. Started noticing the bug sounds, where they there before? Saw three deer and two raccoons on my walk this morning. What, no double-decker busses waiting outside the window? Just the little yellow school bus taking kids to day camp.

Didn't get the consulting gig but I do have an interview for a Visiting Lecturer position teaching Arts and Culture Management at a London university. I'm going all out this time. Beginning to understand that when they say - a casual discussion - it is actually a full-on interview. Looks like there will be a whole panel interviewing me this time. Watch out - I'm going American on them.

Update on Tika cat – now pigging out regularly. Is this the healthiest sickest cat? No longer am I her primary care giver (aka food provider). Now she has my mom and Grammie to cater to her every whine and meow. Just one of her ladies in waiting. We have our very own Queen.