July 17, 2006

Vote and Win!

I've heard folks say that more people vote for American Idol that in an average state election. As a voter on this game show you are directly impacting the reality of the contestants by participating. How exciting to see the results of your votes.

Getting people to vote is taking a lot more than the power of selecting the next American pop star. Arizona Voter Reward Act is proposing that state election voters are automatically enter in a lottery to win a million dollars. Frankly, I think they could have lowered the amount and people would have still elected to vote.

Okay, there are going to be people upset with this incentive but I think it is a great idea. Now the question is how to educate the voter so that they are involved in WHO they vote for. Ad campaigns, debates, glad handing – all these techniques just aren’t working. Maybe candidates have to be put on an island together and we can watch their ability to partner, lead and strategize!