June 27, 2006

Where in the World is The Kweskin Report?

Are you confused about my whereabouts? Me too. Here's my Summer Schedule...

June 21 - Moved away from Houston - Arrived in Connecticut, stay with folks
June 30 - Depart Connecticut - Arrive in DC
July 1-9 - Party with the siblings in DC
July 10-21 - Fellowship Residency at Americans for the Arts in DC
July 22 - Return to Connecticut
August 13-18 - Photograph Maccabi Games in Connecticut (SeeMeGrow Photography)
August 20 - Arrive LONDON!
August 21 - ????

The only unknown, besides the actual details of life in London, is what the heck to do with my cat. She is on the final days, weeks, months of her life because of Kitty Cancer. Meow.