May 20, 2006

The Final Final

Teaching at University of Houston Downtown changed my life. Being a Professor was the realization of one of my dreams, inspiring me to continue teaching, at least in some capacity, in London.

The joy of sharing something I love, arts management, is so rewarding when the students are engaged and inspired by what you present. When they presented their final projects I actually had butterflies in my stomach - like it was my final exam. A semester’s worth of work was synthesized and applied. It was a joy to experience!

My UHD students were mostly folks who were returning to school after many years in the professional sector. Their common goal - to change their lives. The life experiences they brought to the classroom were always interesting and sometimes surprising. A very creative lot. Many were artists themselves and entrepreneurs as well.

Dr. Thomas Lyttle fueled my enthusiasm as my champion and cheerleader for the class. He couldn't believe that I had so much energy. My goal was to establish at least an Arts Administration minor at UHD. I think they are now going in that direction! It would set the university apart and is very much a needed course of study in this creative city.

Thank you to Sara Kellner at DiverseWorks for recommending me for this position. She is a tremendous leader and mentor.

Course curriculum on my website.