May 1, 2006

Bathroom No Longer Sacred

Stephen just found a very much alive and active GIANT cockroach in the shower this morning. It must have come through the drain. That beast worked its way up three floors to our bathroom. Sorry Mr. Exterminator, you must be high on your own fumes but this gruesome beast did not fly in accidentally through an open window. He is invading our very clean and safe bathroom.

Naked, Stephen had to chase this thing around the bathroom while I freaked out. It ended up under the toilet and he finally got it in but said it was "hard". Was the bug hard or was it hard to catch? It was the size of his hand. He got it in the toilet and flushed. I flushed it again.

How in the world will I ever take a shower again in this house? How can I sit comfortably on the toilet without the fear of being watched from below. I am sick, absolutely sick of these things. My feat are itching as they touch the carpet.

This one must have been inhaling the exterminator's fumes and growing with the chemical infusion.