April 20, 2006

Loving the Logogoogle

Have you seen the ever-changing Google logo? I have visions of that place being a really cool work environment. Maybe the designers are able to sit around all day and think about funky ways to update their logo: Olympics, Braille, Happy Birthday Michelangelo, Earthday and today's Miro inspired logo.

They are not afraid to be playful and to push their brand image. The playfullness becomes their brand - at least for those of us who utilize their search engine thousands of times a day. It is a little wink that makes you look up and take notice when you're moving through the business day and open up their search engine page.

Here's what Google says about their logo:

Who is behind the artful Google Logo creations?
Google not only made a huge difference with their business model and the way they conduct business. The largest search engine and related internet search services provider eases many business patterns. Including the way they handle their logos and brands.
In order to put a creative and attractive spin to their logo creations and to everyone's daily routines while searching the web, Google's Dennis Hwang puts his very creative brain to work whenever there is something to celebrate or to remember.