April 3, 2006

The Inauguration of Epicenter Arts

Congratulations to my friends John, Nicole, Raman and Grant on the launch of Epicenter Arts in San Francisco!

Mission of Epicenter: is to produce provocative events that foster arts dialogue, accessible to the entire community.

Their first panel is on Thursday, April 6 in partnership with GenArt.

Success or Selling Out: Idealism in the Music Industry

In this day and age, most musicians dream of making it big by landing that fat record deal and playing to sold-out arenas. Mainstream Rock / Pop culture has been packaged by media outlets like MTV, commercial radio, television commercials, etc... The perception of making it "BIG" is that it's easy, and that there's lots of money to make. With this topic, we will discuss why a musician chases their dream...

For the love of music? Money? Fame? Sex? What are the temptations a musician encounters in the midst of this process? We will have an emerging artist, established artist, industry producer, and academics discuss.

Moderated by Hooman of Alice (97.3 FM)

Established Artist:
Victor Krummenacher of
Camper Van Beethoven

In addition to working with Camper Van Beethoven
(since 1983) and other well-known bands,
Krummenacher has recorded 4 solo albums for his own
label, Magnetic, and is in the process of a fifth.

Emerging Artist:
May Pole

May Pole delivers a surreal sound emphasizing romantic
guitars, airy keys, melodic bass, and upbeat rock

Music Producer:
John Lucasey of Studio 880

Producer of Green Day, Blackalicious, Iggy Pop,
Robert Cray, Chris Isaac, Smashmouth, Swithfoot and
the Killers.

David Conte of the San Francisco

Professor of Composition and Theory. Conte has
worked with Aaron Copland.

Mark Applebaum of Stanford University

Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory at
Stanford University where he is director of the Stanford
Improvisation Collective.