April 8, 2006

Aurora Picture Show Mobile Microcinemas

Check out these Aurora Picture Show Mobile Microcinemas that Scion created for us. The wrap design was created by Chris Lockwood, one of Aurora's board members. Design goes over the top - literally he created images for the top of the cars.

The xBs are not only equipped with internal DVD players (ceiling and headrests) but also have all the bling bling you can imagine. Undercarriage lighting, internal black lighting, HUGE sound system, jewelled foot pedals and more that we haven't yet discovered.

We'll be showing sample works from our upcoming festival Media Archeology: Software Cinema, April 19-23 both on the internal DVDs but also projecting the works onto the back window. The ultimate Mobile Microcinema. Could it get any more fun? These beauties will be roaming Houston, run by our Street Team (captain Kweskin here) April 8-24. Visit the Auorora blog Behind the Screens for sightings and schedules.

Inspired by my own little Scion George I collaborated with my associate Melissa Sonzala and her Husband Matt Sonzala of Houston So Real to pitch Scion. It was a perfect fit considering that we have the market the Scion targets.

Photos: Envy and Cherry, Guy in Envy, Amy and Carlos looking dazed and confused, Andrea in Cherry, Carlos and Gigi in front of Envy, Guy checking out Cherry's Sound System and Amy showing her colors.