March 21, 2006

True Confessions of a Soccer Mom

I am jumping for joy with the discovery that my friend Dora has a fab blog called True Confessions of a Soccer Mom. The funny thing is that the Dora I remember is not at all into sports and certainly not a soccer mom. She was a really cool Goth chick that was the Arts & Entertainment Editor on the college newspaper. I was mystified by her black outfits, funky hair and really groovy way of talking.

Our paths keep crossing. For the past ten years or so (that long?!?) she has lived in my hometown and has become friendly with my childhood friends and even my folks. Single White Female? Not at all. But I do get to have lovely, although brief, visits with her when I return home. Each time her family has grown. But now a soccer mom? I know that is a fierce punk music lover in there hiding under the soccer mom facade.

Check it her out for yourself. Dora's blog is witty, insightful and reminds me of why we can connect despite long absences. Notice that she too is into Project Runway. Soccer mom, I think not.