March 27, 2006


There is absolutely nothing grosser than the Texas cockroach. These beasts are several inches long and as wide as your thumb. Since we’ve moved here I’ve found carcasses in the garage and have gleefully run them over with my car and bike. They crackle like kindling.

Was I kidding myself? Of course I would eventually find one living. I opened the closet in which we store the recycling and something peaked out of a recently discarded can of coconut milk. “Stephen, I think we have a lizard in the closet, can you take out the recycling and let it run free.”

Stephen loves lizards. He eagerly explored the bag to find his new friend and instead had the unfortunate experience of coming face to face with a Texas cockroach. “Aim, it’s not a lizard it’s a roach.” Gross! Gross, gross, double triple gross.

Now every time I open a closet, drawer, door or bin I close my eyes and say out loud, “Scatter!” I think that’s fare warning for them to get into their hiding places and for me to not have to see them SCATTER. This is truly disgusting and someone needs to find a cure NOW!