November 1, 2005

Haunted House

Yes, it was Halloween last night but this entry isn’t about imagined ghosts. I slept in our spare bedroom downstairs last night while Stephen snored to sleep with his bedmate “The Cold”.

Midway through the night our side gate, which is attached to the outside wall of the spare bedroom, became mysteriously unlocked and began banging in the wind. Earlier in the evening I had already relocked the gate, which I thought had been opened by the wind. I went back up to our master bedroom to try to sleep with Stephen and The Cold but that lasted about 30 seconds and I was off again to the spare bedroom.

What to do? I had to close the gate. Barefoot I walked through the gravel in the back and relocked the gate. At least that was fixed. Now I could sleep, if only my feet weren’t in total pain. How to people walk on beds of nails? Eventually I dozed off again but was awakened by the clear sound of a woman’s voice saying “Hey There” and now my keyboard has freaked out and Stephen and I tried to fix it, fought over it, and then I realized the connection was loose. It is a ghost!

More evidence is adding up to a poltergeist presence. For instance, we have a front gate that only unlocks with a key, yet somehow a UPS package left for us was leaning against the front door when I came home the other day. The strange ceramic-pig-lawn-ornament that was left by the previous tenants was laying on its side on another occasion.

In the guest bedroom the closet door is often closed although I never shut it. The bathroom towels move and the cabinet doors are open or closed every time I go in there. Plus, when we moved in the toilet handle was broken. I can’t imagine that the previous tenants would live with it broken.

The ultimate evidence is that the house sags in the same spot on each floor – directly over the guest bedroom. From the office in which I am now sitting on the third floor, to the kitchen bellow me, and the guest bedroom bellow that – they all have an uneven floor. Need I provide more evidence? How will I sleep at night? What if the house is on top of a grave?