October 18, 2005

Finding Felix in Mapquest

As I’ve been adventuring around Houston, as best I can without a car and limited public transit, I’ve been using Mapquest to find my way. This worked well in San Francisco but here it has some mysterious results. Apparently Mapquest created a street called Felix, which was supposed to be one of my final steps in my finding a Houston arts venue. Even the State Trooper I stopped had never heard of Felix Street.

Perhaps it was one of those secret map creator codes that are put in to see if people steal their copyrighted map designs. I read that each map designer has their own little special red herring like “Turtle Street” which they put in to every city. Perhaps Mapquest uses Felix.

In fact, I searched Felix in San Francisco on Mapquest and discovered a Felix Avenue, which is in a suspiciously similar obscure location as the Houston Felix Street. Both are short little streets, located off of another obscure little street and end abruptly under a highway. Is it the same for your hometown? Try http://maps.yahoo.com/.