October 27, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Interim Staffing
This week began with the surprise of being asked to take on the Interim Program Director position at Houston Center for Photography (HCP). For the next month I am running the organization’s 24th Anniversary party, installing the next exhibition, implementing educational programming and helping the Board of Directors prepare for their annual action in February.

Getting Healthy
Now that Stephen and I are in a city that offers excellent medical services, and the ability to actually get doctors appointments the same week as you call, we are getting healthed-up. We started with our annual physicals and then dental appointments. Medical professionals are very friendly, professional and accessible here. In fact, they have the time to talk to their patients.

Two Wheeling
The weather has changed and we are enjoying sunny Spring-like days that are not too hot and barely humid. Good hair has arrived! I’m getting around via bicycle. Yesterday proved that I can be car-less, managing to quickly ride from home to HCP, to dentist, grocery store and more. In fact, many people are out biking, the cats are prowling and squirrels are climbing. Houston seems to come alive when the weather breaks.